Aside from providing affordable housing, The Caritas Corporation's emphasis on community allows it to offer programs alongside The Caritas Foundation which give people opportunities for self improvement, in-turn shaping a better tomorrow. 



caritas reads! program

“ …… summer reading loss or "summer setback" is a bigger problem for children from low-income families. Their reading achievement typically declines an average of three months between June and September, while that of typical middle-class students improves or remains the same. This means that a summer reading loss of three months accumulates to a crucial two-year gap by the time kids are in middle school, even if their schools are equally effective." (Source: McGill-Franzen, Anne & Allington, Richard. (2003) Bridging the Summer Reading Gap. Instructor Magazine, 58 – May/June, 17-19)

This is why Caritas started the Caritas Reads! Summer Reading Program and continually encourages our younger residents (Grades 1-12) to read books during the summer.  This popular program started in 2013 and since then we have distributed over 7,000 books! We are so proud of all our readers! To participate:


  1. Each child selects an age-appropriate book and the book is theirs to keep.

  2. Caritas will buy and order the book, then have it delivered direct to the child.

  3. Once the book is finished, a short book report is submitted.

  4. Then, another book can be ordered.


Prizes are given for each book read and those reading eight books or more are eligible for a grand prize. To learn more, see the link below.

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