Aside from providing affordable housing, The Caritas Corporation's emphasis on community allows it to offer programs alongside The Caritas Foundation which give people opportunities for self improvement, in-turn shaping a better tomorrow. 



Qualifying Caritas residents can receive up to $1500 to further their education and realize their academic dreams.


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Currently reside in a Caritas-owned community.

  • Be between 17 to 25 years of age.

  • Be college bound to an accredited vocational school, junior college, or four-year university.

  • Complete and submit our scholarship application.

The 2022 Caritas Scholarship Program is now open. Applications are due by Friday, July 8th, 5:00pm PST.


caritas reads! program

“ …… summer reading loss or "summer setback" is a bigger problem for children from low-income families. Their reading achievement typically declines an average of three months between June and September, while that of typical middle-class students improves or remains the same. This means that a summer reading loss of three months accumulates to a crucial two-year gap by the time kids are in middle school, even if their schools are equally effective." (Source: McGill-Franzen, Anne & Allington, Richard. (2003) Bridging the Summer Reading Gap. Instructor Magazine, 58 – May/June, 17-19)

This is why Caritas started the Caritas Reads! Summer Reading Program and continually encourages our youth residents (Grades K-12) to read books during the summer.  This popular program started in 2013 and since then we have distributed over 8,000 books! We are so proud of all our readers! To participate:


  1. Each child selects a book and the book is theirs to keep.

  2. Caritas will buy and order the book, then have it delivered direct to the child.

  3. Once the book is finished, a book report is submitted.

  4. Then, another book can be ordered.


Top readers are eligible for a grand prize.