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our prOGRAMS

Caritas’s mission is to unite people with a purpose to preserve affordable communities that uplift and empower our residents. To accomplish this, Caritas supports several programs throughout its communities and to its over 10,000 residents.  These programs provide educational opportunities, financial assistance, and promote community.  

Here are some highlights:


Caritas Reads! Summer Program

This program encourages our elementary to high school-aged residents to read during the summer break and lessen the chances of a “summer slide”.  Each reader can choose their own book at no cost to them and upon finishing it and submitting a book report, they can select more books until the end of summer. To learn more, click here.

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Caritas Scholarship Program
Every year, Caritas grants qualifying residents up to $1500 to further their education and get them one step closer to achieving their academic dreams. To learn more, click here.

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Community Events & Resident Activities
Our community teams host resident events and activities th
roughout the year. From arts & crafts and guest speakers to holiday celebrations and summer BBQs, we strive to create vibrant, social communities.


Rental Assistance
At Caritas, we understand that residents can experience emergencies that put them in unexpected financial situations. This program provides eligible residents with temporary financial aid to help them through this difficult time.

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Maintenance Assistance

Our Maintenance Assistance Program gives a one-time financial assistance to eligible residents to help them improve the health and safety of their home and in turn the overall community. Examples of maintenance assistance and projects include weed abatement, trimming trees, and replacing skirting.

To learn more about these programs or how you can support them,

please contact our office at (949) 727-0568 or email us at

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