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To accomplish its goals, Caritas partners with local governmental agencies. Cities and counties are looking for opportunities to increase the amount of affordable housing without impacting existing funding. The Partnership lessens the affordable housing burden by allowing Caritas to purchase and improve the existing manufactured home parks, as well as controlling the rents. The community benefits by increasing the affordable housing stock as well as improving an existing neighborhood.

Manufactured Home Parks
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Manufactured home parks (“MHPs”) have historically been the most affordable form of home ownership. Caritas provides unique solutions to affordable housing needs by developing an acquisition program designed to preserve the affordability of MHPs and to improve the quality of life for its residents. This presents a unique opportunity for cities and residents alike.


Private, for-profit owners often drive rents up to unreasonable levels. Residents have little say in the decisions that affect the community in which they live. Since profitability is the driving force, property maintenance and other community amenities frequently suffer. As a result of these trends, residents are turning increasingly to their local government to remedy the situation. More times than not, an adversarial relationship develops between cities and residents on the one hand, and owners on the other. Caritas non-profit ownership provides solutions to these challenges. Everybody wins!

The Caritas Difference

1. Preserves existing affordable housing stock

2. Limits the city’s financial involvement

3. Eliminates the need for public ownership

4. Encourages home ownership

5. Promotes resident participation in the life of the park

6. Limits rent increases

7. Facilitates neighborhood beautification

8. Creates neighborhood pride

The Board Members of Caritas have extensive experience in residential housing and mobile home park development/ownership. In addition to being leaders in their respective fields, our Board Members have long been known for their philanthropic work in the community.


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